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SSL Europa in its capacity as innovative company develops added value technologies to secure trade in the digital economy in order to secure your digital world.

The SSL certificate encrypts and secures the data transmitted between the server and the browser in order to protect the information’s exchanged between them. In addition, it authenticates the Web site as a trusted site. All our certificates encrypted with the highest level of security 256 bits are associated with a 2048 bits RSA key and recognized by browsers.

The digital signature is a mechanism to authenticate the author of an electronic document and ensure its integrity, the analogy with the handwritten signature of a paper document. SSL Europa offers you the solution e-Sign for plenitude® to facilitate your process in secured digital exchanges.  Our solution enables the reader of a document to identify the person or organization that has signed it and gives the document a certified value. Moving from paper-based to electronic document workflows increases productivity and reduces costs for organizations.

We live and work in a mobile world, and you need to make sure your data is always available wherever you go. But you can’t entrust your most sensitive and confidential information to just any device.  s-Memory® provides a fully secured solution for transport of all your data, on board you have at your disposal:

  • Data encryptions AES 256 Bits,
  • USB key storage capacity 8GB , 16GB or 32GB
  • Secure Web browsing with the portable browser with controlled area for end user browsing
  • Open Office applications

The new generation USB key s-Log® combining the simplicity of a USB device with the capabilities of a smart card to unable your company, organization to secure access to workstations by identification of users while reducing cost and complexity of implementation.


SSL Europa作为一家创新企业开发有附加值的技术从而保证数字经济下的交易安全,让您的数字世界变得更加安全可靠。

SSL certificate (SSL认证)将数字加密并且保证数据在服务器之间,与浏览器间的传输,达到保护这些数据的作用。此外,它将验证网站的可信性。他们所有的认证是最高层的256位结合2048位RSA密钥的安全等级,它们可被浏览器识别。

Digital signature (数码签名) 是电子文件作者认证系统,保证了它的公正性,和手写文件的对比性。 SSL Europa提供e-Sign for plenitude®解决方案,让您的数字化交换程序更为安全简便。他们的解决方案文件读者能够识别签字的个人或者组织,使文件具有认证价值。无纸化办公能够提高效率并未公司减少开支。


s-Memory® 提供安全化的数据传输,您可以用:

  • 数据加密AES 256 Bits,
  • USB 存储容量8GB , 16GB 或 32GB
  • 安全网页浏览,通过便携浏览器提供终端浏览客户的可控区域
  • 开放Office应用

新一代USB钥匙s-Log® 结合了USB设备的简便和职能卡的性能,使公司或者组织对进入工作站的连接进行安全保护,对接入者进行身份验证并同时减少成本和实现的复杂程度。


About SSL Europa "Secure your Digital World"

SSL Europa est le spécialiste de la sécurité des environnements dématérialisés. Autorité d'Enregistrement de DocuSign, le premier Tiers de Confiance français leader en Europe. SSL Europa offre des solutions serveurs (https), la signature électronique de documents, la traçabilité des échanges dématérialisés ainsi que des solutions de convergence incluant l'authentification forte autour du poste client. SSL Europa en sa qualité de société d'innovation développe des technologies complémentaires permettant de sécuriser les échanges dans l'économie numérique (Secure your digital world). SSL Europa is the security specialist for dematerialized environments. Registration Authority of OpenTrust the French Trusted Third Party leader in Europe. SSL Europa provides server solutions (https), the electronic signature of documents, traceability of electronic exchanges and convergence solutions including strong authentication around the workstation. SSL Europa in its capacity as innovative company develops added value technologies to secure trade in the digital economy (Secure your digital world).
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